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2019 Student Academic Conference Presentation Application
The purpose of the Student Academic Conference is to showcase the work and talent of Minnesota State University Moorhead students through presentations, posters and creative works at a one day conference held at MSUM each April. All students are encouraged to submit presentation applications. We strive to accommodate all students who wish to present. The university community, parents, friends, prospective students, alumni and employers are welcome to attend the conference to witness the excitement of intellectual exchanges among our students.
  • To present at this year's conference you must submit an application online through this form.
  • You are encouraged to remain at the conference for the entire day. All communication will be distributed via the conference web page and your mnstate e-mail.
  • Please use correct spelling and grammar, as your information in the conference program will appear exactly as submitted.
  • Please do not use fancy fonts, images, caps locks, boldfacing, etc. as these will need to be reformatted for consistency.
  • It is the presenter's and mentor's responsibility to gain approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for presentations based on any research involving human subjects, including such studies as a survey of classmate's preferences. IRB information can be found at .
  • It is the presenter's and mentor's responsibility to ensure that any references are properly cited on posters and as a slide in an oral presentation.
Before you begin
Before you begin the application process please take note of the following:
  1. It is strongly suggested that you complete this application straight through (i.e. have all information on hand and enter it over the span of 30 minutes or less). Information may be lost if the application stays open for more than 30 minutes. You will need to know:
    • Title (already written, spell checked, and approved by your mentor).
    • Abstract (already written, spell checked, and approved by your mentor).
    • Special equipment or other special requests
      1. A standard oral presentation setup includes a computer, video projector, sound and internet.
      2. A standard poster setup includes an easel. You will need to provide your own backing for the poster.
    • If you are presenting in a group, please have the Dragon IDs of all group members ready, and whether each is an honor student or a graduate student. If you do not have all needed information, then wait until you do to apply.
    • If you are presenting as part of a panel with related but separate projects select "individual" and indicate that you want to present together in the special request/equipment section. If you are unsure of what type of presentation is appropriate seek guidance from your mentor and/or the SAC before you fill out the application.
  2. The online application system will only accept current registered MSUM students. A fall graduate may participate in the conference, but will need to contact to facilitate the application before the stated deadlines.
  3. It is the responsibility of the presenter(s) and mentor to obtain prior approval from the Institutional Review Board for research involving human subjects. Projects may be removed for lack of IRB approval.
  4. Once you submit your completed application, your presentation will automatically be accepted as part of the conference, provided that your mentor approves. If your mentor does not give his/her approval, you will be notified after the application deadline.
  5. Your abstract should be thoroughly reviewed by your mentor before you fill out this application. Some guidelines can be found below.
    • An abstract is different from an outline. For instance, for an experimental study, the abstract contains brief information for each subsection: literature review; methods; results; discussion.
    • Your abstract should be between 100 and 250 words and in complete sentences.
    • Students and their mentor should collaborate on the abstract.
  6. The application deadline will not be extended for any reason
    • Deadline for students wishing to present at the MSUM Student Academic Conference is February 25, 2019.
    • If undergraduate students would also like to be considered for the state conference in St. Cloud, you must submit the same application, but with an earlier deadline of February 19, 2019.
  7. By submitting this application you authorize the Student Academic Conference to publish your first and last name with your presentation in both print and online material and that you have made all group members aware of this, as well.